Hi, I’m Lydia! I’m an almost-twenty-something working on a BA in Elementary Education, running an art shop on Etsy, and seeking after the Lord in a call to missions. This blog is to share a little bit about the ins and outs of my life as a college student, from why I decided to teach, to what God is showing me, to all the shenanigans my roommate and I have dreamt up.

I love coffee, playing music, watching Gilmore Girls + Supernatural + The Office, taking pictures, and watching the sunrise (when I can make myself get up!)

My Family

I was born second-to-last to a family of 10 kids. Growing up, we always had enough people to make teams for games, haha. I always had older siblings to look after me, and I can’t imagine it any other way, in spite of the craziness! Now many of my siblings have little ones of their own and our family is still growing.

Family photo

The Heinrichs family on Christmas of 2013 – it’s almost impossible to get us all together nowadays.

My dad is self-employed doing carpentry and auto-body work. He grew up as an MK in Brazil, where my grandparents were linguists with Wycliffe Bible Translators, and he inspires me every day with how much he loves God and has sought to instill that love in each of us kids!

My step-mother is a retiring teacher with a knack for being an amazing grandmother to her 10 (and counting) grandchildren. She’s been an encouragement to me as I seek after a teaching degree.

Sting ’em!

I’m a junior at Howard Payne University in Brownwood, Texas. (We’re the Yellow Jackets – sting ’em!)

HPU has brought me so many incredible friends and opportunities! I play the French Horn in the band and joined Tau Beta Sigma, a national band sorority. I also participate in our Baptist Student Ministry’s drama team, a service society called Gamma Beta Phi, and am the editor of our campus newspaper and yearbook. Being involved has challenged me in so many great ways.

My roommate, Carissa, is my best friend! We have a blast doing the weirdest things and we have supported each other through so much, including both playing French Horn and joining the band sorority together. We call ourselves and our best friend (her former roommate, Hannah) “The Squad,” and get together as often as we can to stargaze and make s’mores with a lighter, ha!

Being in the band also introduced me to my incredible boyfriend, Daniel, who is dual-majoring in Cross-cultural Studies and Biblical Languages (and also plays French Horn). He encourages me everyday, strengthens my walk with the Lord, and tells ridiculous puns that make me simultaneously angry and so happy at the same time. He’s a Star-Wars fanatic and a die-hard nerd for Biblical Greek. Not gonna lie, I’m pretty excited for the road ahead with him!

Friends like the ones I’ve made at HPU have been an answer to my prayers, and I wouldn’t be who I am without them.


What’s your story? I’d love to get in touch with you! You can find me on Facebook or email me at colorsofmaeart@gmail.com

All m’love,




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